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Destination Strandzha region – the mountain of the ancient Thracians

Presentation: BG 0102.03-0003 

The project offers to be developed a combination of instruments which will allow professional exploitation and management of the rich resources in the region for tourist purposes.

  • Improvement of the existent tourist infrastructure, its addition and placing of an indication and information  labeling are providing
  • Archeological object in the area of Mishkova niva – a Thracian tombstone and a sanctuary; Thracian dolmens around the village of Zabernovo; a streamlet along the village of Stoilovo
  • New tourist products will be created based on the authenticity and iniquity of the natural and cultural inheritance of Strandzha mountain.
    • They will include an architectural monuments of the Thracian culture, the authentic in  their way of life and traditions villages of  Brashlyan and Stoilovo, the local gastronomy, the  typical for the region folklore and rituals.

    • A visitor’s centre will be built up, which will undertake the function of a structure for an integrated management of the destination completely.
    • The destination will be advertised to the national and international market by taped advertising matters, video films, CD, website, participation in tourists’ markets and presentations, tours for journalists and travel agencies.
      • In the moment are prepared a destination’s guidebook, brochures for the tourist objects and attractions, maps, annual culture calendar, rituals, advertisement was made by the participation at the Bourgas, Sofia, Istanbul and Berlin towns’  markets.

      • Trainings of the locals in the field of tourism, marketing, management, accommodation, foods and drinks, animations and attractions, business communications are provided.
        • The training was undertaken in July.

        • An application for obtaining of the certificates ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001-1996 is undertaken. The first one is an international standard of management of the quality and the second one is an international standard of management of the environment
          • Main purposes

          • Attraction of the attention towards Strandzha mountain as a tourist destination
          • Protection of the natural and cultural inheritance of the region by means of tourism
          • Stable recruiting places in tourism
          • Assistance to the local tourist initiatives
          • Application of successful samples and practices in the field of tourism
            • Expected results:

            • Active visitor’s centre
            • Contemporary and qualitative tourist infrastructure
            • Stable working places for qualified human resources in the field of tourism
            • Transformation of tourism into economic branch
            • Creation of tourist image for the region
            • Partners meshwork from professionals in the field of tourism
              • Last updated: 26.04.2006