The present publication is preparated with the support of the European Union. Responsibility for the content of this publication is borne solely by the Municipality of Malko Tarnovo and "Development Foundation of Malko Tarnovo town" and in any case it cannot be considered that the content of the current publication reflects the opinion of the European Union.
Development Foundation of Malko Tarnovo town

The foundation goals are:

  • Increasing sensitivity of the society, institutions, professionals and public figures about the problems of preserving of Bulgarian historical and cultural memory.
  • To prevent the decline of Bulgarian traditional, cultural and spiritual values.
  • To support projects connected to teaching and training personnel.
  • To assist development of tourism.
  • To further increasing the capacity of the different tourist and other organization as a whole and application of well-known European and world practices.
  • To assist optimization of law and tax surrounding in which organization works.
  • To achieve financial stability, expanding the possibilities about self financing of rules activities.
  • To improve co-ordination and partnership of the structures in the field of tourism.
  • To support the regional development.
  • To assist making of stable work places
  • To further making and introducing of standards of quality and organized perfection.

      Malko Tarnovo town

      23, Oborishte str.

      Last updated: 26.04.2006