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Traditional Strandzha dishes

Strandzha cuisine is famous with the delicious, health and unique local dishes. Except the variety it flavors the attractive image of Strandzha mountain. The ingredients of the local ecologic products deliver a basis for really marvelous dishes.

The great part of the dishes made by the Strandzha woman are exclusively easy and don’t take much time to be done. During the summer cool drinks and dishes predominate. The great part of the dishes is made straight in the live coals, on a wooden spit or in the large backing dish. Different spices are added.

The bread is a basic food. Its kneading in the past is made in special big wooden utensils. Till nowadays they are used to be made delicious small flat loafs. The famous Strandzha honey is added.

For the long winter days Strandzha housekeepers preserved pickled green tomatoes, green peppers, sauerkraut.

The tourists could enjoy the delicious traditional dishes and also to join their making.

From the paste products emblematic Strandzha specialties are:

Leek pasty – made by sheets of pastry in them is put a mixture of cheese and eggs with dock, amaranth, mountain-spinach called in Strandzha region “greenery”.

  • Hominy – made by corn flour, cheese and peppered salt fried with bacon.
  • Dried ground yeasty dough
  • Noodles
  • Pancakes
  • Pumpkin pastry
    • Strandzha region is famous with pork dishes and appetizers:

      Eturnick – the main used product is pork livers

    • Kind of black pudding (Bahur) – made by pork lung, kidneys, heart
    • Jelly - pig's bead brawn and jellied pig's trotters. The main flavor spice is garlic.
    • Pork leg
    • Salted bacon
    • Strandzha grandfather (dyado)
      • ‘Lopushka’ is a local specialty. The river fish after cleaning is mixed with onion, bacon, tomatoes, red pepper and mint. All the ingredients are folded in the leaves of ‘lopushka’, fastened and digged in a hot ash and are covered with embers. It is roasted at about 4 hours.

        If you have been in Starndzha region and you haven’t tasted the famous Strandzha dishes it is better to fill your miss!

        Last updated: 26.04.2006