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The magic of the Strandzha villages

Whatever you are looking for your different holiday romantic experiences amidst a hospitable and friendly village houses or a touching to past epochs be welcome in the villages of Brashlyan, Stoilovo, Zvezdets, Mladezhko, Bliznak, Evrenozovo, Slivarovo or Grammatikovo. Don’t miss your chance to live for a while surrounded by the greenery of the forest and the songs of the birds, to stop for a moment the reckless rhythm of the daily round and to be taken by the pulse of the mountain.

Feel the warmth and the hospitality of Strandzha people and save a part of their goodness in your hearts. Look at how careful hands get a fire to burn and prepare delicious Strandzha dishes. The owners of the houses will sing and play for you and will tell you interesting legends.

You will touch to the traditions and the way round of the locals choosing a holiday in a Strandzha village. You could find out the charm of the mountain just by going out of the hilly slopes to enjoy the pastoral views and impressively beautiful nature.

By entering in the architectural reserve in the village of Brashlyan you find out a real journey to the ancient past is starting for you. The walk around in the village is an unusual experience – 200 years old houses announced for monuments of culture, ancient church from XVII century with the belonging restored monastery school. Look at the agricultural museum on wide open, visit the ethnographical collection exhibition and on every price try to weave on a loom.

The journey doesn’t stop here. Along marked tourist paths you will reach to the one of the most beautiful spots in the surroundings of the village.

Grammatikovo village is the largest Strandzha village disposed on a ridge in the foot of which wind about the silver waters of Veleka river. The locals will amaze you not only with their singing skills but will dip you in stories and legends for far-off days. Walking tours will be arranged in the mountain and in the cozily taverns will taste the delicious Strandzha specialties. Do not miss to look at “Forest collection” exhibition in which is represented the exceptional wealth of the Strandzha nature.

There is something special in Grammatikovo village which kindle the imagination and warm the soul. You will feel it in the mystic places as the Golyamoto ayazmo (The large holy spring) called by the locals The Motherhood because of the belief that from here have been sarted to settle the nestinars (Fire dancers) in Strandzha region in the chapel upon the cave in the area of Kotvinite and many other which are waiting just to be found by you.

Only 9 km away from the town of Malko Tarnovo is the village of Stoilovo. Roundabout by both rivers Veleka and Aidere the village is a real paradise for the ones who are looking for the coziness of the typical village atmosphere combined in a unique way with the beautiful nature. The prospect towards the inner part of the mountain is amazing. Rounded hills of Strandzha mountain lightened up by the sun look like waves from the borderless green sea. Please stop for a while by the basket-masters and learn how to knit a basket with hazel sticks. Do not miss to visit church “St. Iliya” and after that leave yourselves to be surprise with “donkey” safari contest. Join it and the locals will award you with a license to ride a donkey from Stoilovo village.

If you are looking for the humbleness of the villages’ churches and chapels you have to visit Zabernovo village. Look at the oldest church in Strandzha region – “St. Luka”. The destructive power of the time as though stopped in this very village – the melodious local dialect, traditions and celebrations are saved. The hospitable housekeepers will arrange for you walking tours to the one of the most mystic places in Strandzha region – small chapels with holy springs built upon ancient Thracian sanctuaries and consecrated ground.

Last updated: 26.04.2006