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Monuments of culture


  • Brashlyan village – an architectural reserve
  • Malko Tarnovo town – The Strandzha houses of the Bulgarian revival from the end of XIX century.
  • Stoilovo village – typical Strandzha houses, streamlets.
  • Zabernovo, Slivarovo, Vizitsa, Byala voda (White water), Kalovo, Zvezdets villages – the Strandzha country houses from the end of XIX century and the beginning of XX century.


    • Thracian beehive tomb V-III century B.C. – 3 km to the southwest from the town in the area “Mishkova niva” (Mouse field), except the sanctuary the complex includes a roman villa, necropolis and fortress’s remains.
    • Thracian beehive tomb V-III century B.C. – 3 km to the west from the town in Propada area: a necropolis, two tombs from a roman period with a rectangular plan.
    • Thracian rock sanctuary devoted to the God of the sun (2500 year before the new age) – 10 km to the east of the town in direction Tzarevo town.
    • Dolmens – in the mainland of the villages of Evrenozovo, Zabernovo, Grammatikovo, Byala voda, Zvezdets and the town of Malko Tarnovo
    • Caves – “Bratanova peshtera”, a cave near to the village of Brashlyan and “Kaleto”, a cave near to the village of Mladezhko.
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