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Geographical location

Municipality of Malko Tarnovo town is situated in southeastern Bulgaria and it is the third largest city in Bourgas region. Disposed in the heart of Strandzha mountain at a surface area of 798.5 square km which is 10.3 % from the territory of Bourgas region and 0.76 % from the territory of Bulgaria. It is completely over the territory of Natural Park “Strandzha”.

It consists from its administrative center – Malko Tarnovo town and 12 villages, two of them are municipalities – Grammatikovo and Zvezdets villages, and the others municipality vicarages.

In the municipality live totally 4896 persons – an index which shows that the region is sparsely inhabited.

It borders to the municipalities of Sredets, Sozopol, Primorsko and Tsarevo, to the south with the republic of Turkey.

The municipality is crossed by an international road which is the shortest connection to Europe countries and those from the Near East.

The municipality center of Malko Tarnovo town is at about 76 km away from the region center of Bourgas town – the fourth largest town in Bulgaria important and perspective transport center.

Main transport thoroughfares:

Main road: Bourgas town - road fork “Poda” – Marinka village – Krushevets village – Bosna area – Zvezdets village – Malko Tarnovo town:

Bourgas town – Tsarevo – Bulgari village – Grammatikovo village – Malko Tarnovo town

Harmanli town – Topolovgrad town – Elhovo – Bolyarovo – Tagarevsko harche – Varovick village - Bosna area – Zvezdets village – Malko Tarnovo town

Public transports are accomplished by transport companies from Bourgas town, Malko Tarnovo town and Tsarevo town. Malko Tarnovo town reaches neighbor Turkey through Malko Tarnovo customs and Istanbul town is only 290 km away from the border.

Distances from the municipality center of Malko Tarnovo town to other neighbor populated areas:

  • Tsarevo town – 56 km
  • Architectural-historical reserve Sozopol – 60 km
  • Border point and a customs – 9 km
  • Kurklareli (Turkey) – 45 km
    • Distances to villages and towns in the municipality by second-class and third-class roads:

      Stoilovo village – 9 km, Bliznak village – 41 km, Evrenozovo village – 28 km, Brashlyan village – 15 km, Bosna village – 37 km, Vizitsa village – 35 km, Zvezdets village – 25 km, Byala voda village – 43 km, Zabernovo village – 44 km, Mladezhko village – 32 km, Kalovo village – 54 km, Grammatikovo village – 24 km, Slivarovo village – 16 km

      Last updated: 26.04.2006