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The houses of Brashlyan village
Here could be seen the typical of the Bulgarian national revival Strandzha architecture
Here could be seen the typical of the Bulgarian national revival Strandzha architecture

In 1982 year the village of Brashlyan is declared as an architectural reserve. Here could be seen examples which demonstrate the type of a Strandzha wood house.

An interest provokes the grounded house of Bozhka Rusinova. Many of the preserved Brashlyan’s houses are on two floors. The houses of Diko Balev, Rada Yankova, Mara Trepechova and Atanas Georgiev are norms for the widespread in Strandzha region two-storey houses with stone ground and wooden floors. Prolonged plan scheme of the floor is characterized with the traditional premises veranda, small room (kuma) and the big house with a dark premises (ambar). In the big house there is a typical fireplace with an oven disposed on the wall. Around the two sides of the houses there is a fence with a water closet and a sink. In the houses of Mara Trepechova and Atanas Georgiev are connected two fireplaces in the large room.

An original decision is shown in the house of Nana Kobarelova. Two small houses are disposed in the end instead of one. They are with an inner hall and balcony. The rest part replays the well-known scheme.

The interiors are decided in more contemporary means – wooden ceilings, painted walls, parapet from lathe sticks and shelves.

The outer view is more various. Upon the stone grounded floor lays a wooden floor with bow-windows. By these characteristics the houses could be related to the later period of the Renaissance.

The house of Balyu

An architecture and history monument built in XIX century. The grounded floor is made by a stone with two wooden belts. The second floor is of a plank construction. To it lead two wooden flights of stairs. The plan of the house of Balyu is typical for the Strandzha house architecture.

On the 2d of April in 1903 year the house is surrounded by the ottoman’s army. In the battle get killed the chieftain Pano Angelov and the rebel Nikola Ravashola. There is a memorial tombstone. It marked the tragic historical event.

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