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Thracian Rock Sanctuary “Kamuka” (The stone)
Solar circles in the area of Kamuka (Stone)
Solar circles in the area of Kamuka (Stone)

It is situated at about 10 km away from Malko Tarnovo town to direction Tsarevo town in the “Kamenska barchina” area. It is a complex of interesting rock formations of rare conglomerate rocks used for a sanctuary in antiquity by the Thracians.

Over the rock on a very high and bright place are hollowed out the so called “solar circles”. They are connected to the Sun cult and God Apollonius. That’s why sanctuaries of this kind are disposed in openly and all day long lighten up places.

Archeological-astronomical researches prove that 2500 year BC on this place is observed the sunrise of the God of Sun in the day of summer sun staying and are performed rituals important to the orphism religious-philosophy system of the ancient Thracians.

Except the circles the place impresses with an opened view and odd forms of the surrounding rocks. One of them has a mushroom form and is called “Stone mushroom”. In her foot there is a narrow cleft the person who manages to pass through it will be health all year round.

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