Welcome to the website of the Municipality of Malko Tarnovo town! Welcome in the heart of Strandzha Mountain!

Virtual walk around the recesses of Strandzha Mountain hardly be compared to the feeling of the real communication to nature and her people. That is why our hope is the website "Strandzha - the Thracian Mountain" to become for everyone of you a special invitation that cannot be refused.

Bring together impressions, look for necessary information and give up to the temptation to go through some wonderful days in the regally green mountain. Rucksack on the back, by car, by train or bus come together to reveal a new view angle towards the wild nature, a new possibility to open your senses for the wonderful Bulgarian nature and dive in the ancient Thracian culture.
If it is difficult or impossible turn on your computer and be our guest at the following imaginary journey in the Municipality of Malko Tarnovo town. Let's go!

Last updated: 26.04.2006